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Finally. Over a month after the last post, I am back!!!

Being, in someone on twitter’s  (I seriously dont remember whose) words, a Fraud Mallu, it isnt exactly my dream to be ragged interact with seniors from my technical motherland.

Here again, I have my own weird logic. Its something like this: Its wrong to determine my mother tongue by simply going by where my parents were born. The reason being, if I was to go back into time with the same logic, it would imply that all Homo sapiens are Africans. Get it? No? Dont worry, its not you. Nobody ever gets it.

Anyway, coming back to what I was saying… The thing is I have always been a Hindi speaking non Malayali keralite who hates coconut and hence eats only Sambar and Rice in the Sadhya. Anyway the BITS guys managed to get me to compere in a Saree. Yes, in a Saree. And I also had the proper Sadya. Things college does to you.

So right now, I am beginning to doubt the Fraudness of my Mallu identity. And part of the reason is the awesome ‘True Mallu’ tee the guys have. I would do *anything* to get that tee. Anything, including introducing myself in Malayalam a thousand times over. Wait, haven’t I have done that already? 😛

Anyway, thats all I have for now. I’ll try to post again as soon as I can. I cant really promise though. I could make history out here – being the first 010 to flunk a subject. Or maybe two. Or maybe four.

Indu. :s


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